Baking cupcakes is also easy

Cake is the most common dessert available these days. Most popular one as well. That is why cake shops also have become very common. Every corner of a city street has a cake shop or a bakery and they run really well as people love to eat cakes.

Good cake shops in Navi Mumbai is those which have varieties of cakes available and most of them are uncommon. This is because; they keep on trying new recipes and ingredients in them.

Cupcakes are something which one can have at any point of time. They are small and delicious and at the same time filling as well. It fills both your stomach and heart as the delicious taste of cupcakes can make you happy instantly.

One can even make cupcakes at home. Do you know that cupcakes can be made from whatever scratch you have left at home? Yes, it is that easy. How about trying it for once? Cupcakes are small in size and are easy to bake. In fact, baking cupcakes is perfect for those who are beginners and trying it at home for the first time. Here is a recipe of an all-purpose cup cake. Here it is how you make it at home.

Ingredients: You need 250 grams of softened and unsalted butter, 250 grams of caster sugar, pinch of salt, 250 grams of self-raising flour, 4 table spoons of milk, 4 eggs, a scoop of ice cream (vanilla or any flavour you like) and 12 hole muffins which are lined with paper cases.

Method: one has to pre heat the oven to 190 degree Celsius. Take a bowl and pour the butter into it along with eggs, milk, flour, salt and sugar. Mix it well until it becomes smooth. You can also use a mixer to mix it well. Then use an ice cream scoop to pour the mixture into the paper cases. Then place the muffin tins in the oven and bake it for at least 15 minutes. Bake them till the cupcakes turn light brown in colour. Then put them down from the wire rack and let them cool. One can freeze them in freezer bags if they want to eat them cool. Otherwise you can serve them hot. Cakeshops in Navi Mumbai surely uses different flavours on this cup cake. You can do that as well.

Now the question is how to add these flavours? It is simple. You have to just add some ingredients and remove something else. Here it is how you do it.

Lemon: add 2 finely zested lemons to the mixture and 2 table spoons of lemon juice instead of using milk.

Rose: use 2 table spoons of milk and add 2 table spoons of rose water with it.

Chocolate: one can use 2 table spoons of cocoa powder and take a bit of less flour when they are mixing the ingredients.

Coffee: do not use milk in this case. You can use 2 table spoons of instant coffee mixed well in 4 table spoons of hot water.

If one is not very keen in baking cakes, then they can make a list of Cake shops in Navi Mumbai and then order their desired,tasty cakes from there and enjoy the most of having a cake.


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